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Dame Kelly Holmes’ complete wellbeing solution.

Elf is a physical & mental wellbeing platform designed for the workplace to empower employees & support businesses to thrive.

We work with organisations of all sizes. Interested in finding out what Elf can do for your organisation?

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The Platform

A white label, cross platform, digital solution that can be rolled out to employees with ease Globally!

A well-rounded approach

Employee wellbeing and engagement go hand in hand. Elf is unique because it brings many aspects of wellbeing and engagement together, into one simple platform that your employees will love to use, and that will advance your business.

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Productivity’s two biggest enemies

Employees can suffer when they don’t have support for their wellbeing. Elf is always there to support your employees when they need it. You can also harness the power of Elf to integrate with existing benefits, leading to a streamlined employee experience and HR investments that pay off.

Harness the power

Organisations succeed when employees thrive

Increase productivity, decrease costs and drive outcomes that matter for your employees and your organisation. Elf will be your organisation's most mission critical system, making your people successful, whilst gathering anonymous and aggregated data driven insights to enable you to make truly informed decisions.

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Mental Health

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year. Our mental health tools, created by experts, proactively support employees by responding to how they feel, meaning we can give them guidance precisely when they need it.

Mental Health


Help your employees stay fit, eat well, sleep better and manage their stress levels. With hundreds of on-demand workouts, delicious recipes and mindfulness tools, we support employees on their wellbeing journey.



Good communication is essential for developing trust, significantly improving employee engagement, organisational culture and ultimately, productivity. We give you the tools to stay connected to employees in an instant, wherever they are in the world.


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employees are struggling with some kind of mental health problem.
days are lost each year due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety.
the annual cost of mental ill health in the workplace.

Figures are estimated and based on UK research.

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